About A-1 Concrete Leveling Cleveland West

We offer our customers in Cleveland West the best concrete leveling and repair materials on the market with the highest trained technicians.

A-1 Patented Technology Superior Advantage

A-1 Concrete Leveling Cleveland West leverages modern concrete leveling techniques to provide exceptional results with minimum downtime. We can have you back using your driveway, sidewalk, or any repaired surface the same day. A-1 uses the smallest diameter hole in the industry (one inch) which leaves your concrete looking almost new, and provides the highest structural integrity.

Because of the low pressure used, we carefully manage the leveling process, reducing stress on the slab lower and providing a more uniform lift. Holes are filled with non-shrinking grout and preserve a beautiful finish.

100% Natural Pumping Compound

Our hydraulic lifting material is a specially processed grade of Agricultural Limestone (AgLime) - a 100% natural product of the earth. This is the same material used by farmers on their fields. As a result, there are no residual chemicals to deal with and no concerns about leaching of pollutants into the surrounding soil or aquifer.

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